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Go Green (with the right insulation)

When the average homeowner decides to reduce their impact on the environment, chances are theyíre not racing to look at their homeís insulation first. Normally you donít see it. You canít drive it. You donít drop it in the recycling box.

Yet, few choices offer as much potential to help you reduce your environmental footprint.  The right insulation can:
  • Reduce energy use and costs by as much as 50%
  • Reduce your home’s production of greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide or HFCs by thousands of tons a year
  • Reduce your use of ozone-depleting substances
  • Make your home healthier and more comfortable
  • Make your home last longer so materials donít wind up in landfill
  • Use fewer materials in production and installation
The U.S. Green Building Council says a green home should use less energy and natural resources, create less waste and be healthier for the people inside. Insulation advertised as green or containing renewable or recycled materials isnít really green if it doesnít:
  • Maintain an air barrier over time to minimize air leakage and maximize energy efficiency
  • Contribute to a healthier home by managing moisture, limiting potential for mold growth and improving indoor air quality
  • Minimize the use of gases and VOCs that contribute to climate change or ozone depletion
Learn what kind of insulation lives
up to green expectations:

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint
Make Your Home Healthier
Make Your Home More Comfortable

Go green with our Green Insulation Checklist and Glossary of Green Terms

Get Smart! Build Tight and Ventilate Right!
At a recent National Green Building Conference, Icynene was named a winner of a "Best of Show" award as an environmentally friendly product that promotes green building and design, while helping homeowners and building owners consume less energy! Get a greener insulation option here.

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