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Go Green to Make Your
Home More Comfortable

Because a greener insulation should help control random air leakage and moisture problems, it can also create a more comfortable home with fewer issues, lower operating costs and higher resale value. Here’s why:

Reducing air leakage can eliminate
cold or hot spots.

For example: a soft spray foam insulation like Icynene® expands when applied to fill gaps and stick to surrounding materials. It won't shrink, settle or sag over time, so itís perfect for insulating problem areas like:
  • In rooms over garages
  • Between a crawlspace and first floor
  • Where floor joists meet the foundation
  • In vaulted or dome-shaped ceilings
Reducing air leakage can make
a home quieter.

Many annoying noises in our homes travel in the air: from plumbing, music (especially music we don't like), the street and more. An insulation/air barrier helps minimize these types of sounds by reducing airflow, particularly in:
  • Home theaters
  • Around plumbing runs
  • Playrooms
  • Workshops

Have your green cake - and eat it too!

With the right greener insulation choice, you can feel good about reducing your homeís environmental footprint without having to sacrifice comfort or design.

An insulation that does a good job of air sealing will adhere to surrounding materials without shrinking, settling or sagging over time. That gives homeowners and homebuyers more design freedom to plan for that cathedral ceiling, bay window, dormer or archway they've always wanted!

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