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Stop Leaks to Save

It seems logical that adding more insulation is a good way to save energy costs.

Insulation is often packaged with an R-Value rating to show how well it stops energy loss. Just double the R-value to get twice the savings, right? Learn why it's not that simple.

For insulation to really save you money, it must fight uncontrolled or random air leakage! Find out more below. Visit our Go Green area of this site to learn how stopping air leakage can also make your home healthier, quieter and more comfortable!

Get Smart! R-value vs. air-sealing
Adding more and more R-Value is like adding insulation to a thermal coffee mug. You can keep making the mug thicker and thicker with more and more insulation (R-value), but if the lid is left off, the contents will still get cold. That's the impact of air leakage!

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